Great Canadian Authors

Great Canadian Authors

Posted on Sunday April 24, 2011 at 06:00PM

I have literally stumbled across some amazing Canadian authors this last year:  Will Ferguson and Joseph Boyden.  These two have provided hours of stimulating, intriguing and at time, hilarious reading.

The first book of Will Ferguson's I came across was "Happyness".  A little strange at first but held my interst.  The very next book I read was also his but I only realized that after finishing it:   "How to Be Canadian".  I followed that with "Beauty Tips from Moosejaw", "I was a Teenaged Katima-victim" and am currently reading "Hitching a Ride with Budda".  He is both funny and intelligent.  He was raised in Northern Alberta.  Makes me feel like I'm having a conversation woth someone I went to highschool with.  He's a bit of a smart ass too which automatically makes him one of my new best friends. 

Jospeh Boyden is AMAZING.  He is a truly gifted storyteller.  He creates believable characters and georgeous settings.  He weaves native folklore into his stories seamlessly.  Joesph takes ancient wisdom of his people and applies to story lines set in today's social climate.  All of his storeies I have read "Born with a Tooth", "Amoung Black Spruce" and "Three Day Road" are set partially in northern Ontario on native reservations.  His settings are a beliveable as his characters.

I highly reccomend any of the books by either of these authors.  I hope they continue to craft beautiful haunting stories.

Happy Reading!

Jen the librarian 

Author: Wandering River Public Library


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