March 2014 News

March 2014 News

Posted on Monday February 24, 2014 at 02:45PM

March 2014

Winter Reading Program:

On Tuesday, Feb 25 we hosted the in-library portion of our Winter Reading Program.

Our theme was “Reading in a Winter Wonderland”. We wrote a story about our theme and illustrated books around our story. Here is the story.

Reading In a Winter Wonderland

By S, E, T,C and M

Once upon a time, Shaylen, Magilla Gorrilla and a horse names Jazzy built a snowman. While they were building a snowman, they found a book. This was a special book. It had a secret compartment with a treasure a map in it.

The map led to a cave in the spooky woods. They looked at the first clue on the map. It said “follow the stone path to a river”. So the three adventurers followed the path to the river. The next clue said “Hop on the stones over the lava and go to the west. The trio went west to find the entrance to the cave in the spooky woods.

There were 2 cavemen guarding the treasure. The horse distracted the cavemen with fire to get into the cave.
There were a series of traps to get passed, like poisonous snakes and trigger sensitive blocks in the floor that shot poisonous darts if you stepped on the,. After getting passed the traps, there was a combination on the lock on the treasure chest.

They unlocked the chest and it was filled with gold, diamonds, jewellery, and a puppy dog with a collar. The three adventurers took the treasure and sled dogged home.

The End

Please have you student’s reading logs handed in by March 3 so I can send all of our entries off to the contest. Thanks to all the children for participating.

Other news:

We received three new computers from the Northern Lights Library System. They had received a monetary donation and purchased new computers for libraries across the system. They offered them to libraries with aging computers and we received three. All we need to pay for is the software licensing for each unit. So a huge thank- you to Northern Lights Library System for the new computers.

I crunched some numbers for our Library Annual Return. It is a compilation of all the data about our library. Our interlibrary loans borrowed doubled from 585 to 1252 and our lent stats increased from 972 to 1167 for the year. Those are huge increases. Thank you to everyone who is using the TRAC borrowing system.
Happy reading!


Author: Wandering River Public Library


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